Training week 2


Second week already and time to keep on keeping on. I’m a little sore from the session in the gym the other day but that was just to be expected after such a long break from using weights. This morning it was time for a early morning run and I’m still doing the run-walk (90-30 sec) and I kept the heart rate i my zone (<135-140 bpm) and the average was 129 bpm. Important with these runs is to not focus to much on the pace, it s still important but more to check if you can improve the pace at the same effort (HR), so if you can increase the pace but keep or even lower the heart rate you know you are improving. This is one way of training in the off season and get improvement without just going all our all the time. But you have to give it some time and stick to it and not let the heart rate shoot up in a session here and there, consistency is key. I’m doing this for January and maybe well in to February.


New day, new exercise, this morning I did 25 min yoga. I use a service called Gaia which has tons of yoga sessions you can follow along with and also a bunch of meditation videos. I like videos with Rodney Yee because he explains how to do certain poses and what is important to focus on in the pose or I should say his narrator does this.


Short short run in the morning. I had to drop the car of at the train since I needed it in the afternoon for pick up at school and go at 5:45am and drop it off and then run 3 km home for the morning chores. Still did run-walk even if it was a short distance. Like some say, if you get a run done in the morning you are ahead of most people….


Today was a 7,7 km run in great winter weather here in Täby, around 1-2C and full on sun. I waited a little to long in the morning to get out otherwise I would have liked to go longer. I’m still doing Maffetone but that did not go as well as I well as I had hoped, I could not keep the heart rate in my target zone as I should but there is no reason to get down on myself for that. I did have a bad HRV reading n the morning which could explain this. The HRV app told me to go easy on training. I’ll try to get in to the whole HRV readings in later posts.

The Maffetone method in it’s easiest description is that you should be building your aerobic system by training in the MAF zone (MAF = Maximum Aerobic Function) which is to train at a heart rate of 180 – your age. For me i find it hard to keep the heart that low. The theory, and there are many that report great results, is that over time you will be able to get better results at the same effort (HR) which will benefit you when you go back to training “normal” or racing. Read more here, .

Here is a link to a short video on so you can see where this run took me.


Back to the pool for the first time in the new year. I thought I had my best swim in a long time the previous time in the pool and tried to build on that. Once again the pool was full length (50 m). There was quite a few people in there and I optioned for the lanes with the “slowest” people since it looked like a swim group was tearing it up in the fast lane. I don’t feel confident to get in there with them yet. However it looked like I was the fastest in my lane and passing most people easily even the once doing freestyle. I did 1500 m (according to the watch) and I felt good and did mostly 100m intervals. I did a 200 m interval I think in there. Since it was some tome since my last swim I went easy and did not push myself to hard. In the second half I did find a stronger pull part of the stroke where I used my lats more that triceps and it felt like I was moving faster through the water. This shows however that I need to work on this muscle group because I got tired fast. Another improvement was a little change in my breathing where I breath with a slightly more open mouth which made the breading more relaxed and not as forced.

That’s it for this week and I’m glad I got this post out for the second week in a row of this 52 week experiment.

Training Week 1

This will be a attempt to journal about my training through out the year. They will be weekly posts here on the blog and the schedule is to get them out every Sunday. Now I realise this is really a big commitment BUT there is a plan around this. I will try to write after each training session during the week and then all I have to do at the end of the week is to get the last entry in there and publish on Sunday evening. Also most likely no one will care if I publish on Monday.


Today it was a run on the schedule (if there was a schedule) and I went out fairly early but not as early when I’m working. Still this was a vacation day and I guess that could be a day when there can be extra or longer training. The run was just over 6 km but that was in pretty strong winds as a storm was waining down. It was fast running with the wind in my back but not so fas heading in to the wind. This made it hard to have a specific purpose for this run. Below are the basic information for today.


Another run this morning and this morning I did a run-walk with 90 seconds running och 30 seconds walking in an effort to keep the heart rate under 135 and I came in with an average heart rate of 131 bpm which I’m happy with for the moment. I might continue this for the remainder of January in an effort to build my aerobic base for the upcoming race season. I base this on what I have read from Phil Maffetone both on his website and his books.


Strength was the focus for today the morning started with a routine on the yoga mat that focus on strengthening the core. i found this one from Triathlon Taren and can be found here. The instruction is to start doing this for 10 seconds per exercise and work you way up. I’m up to 15 seconds now and 20 seconds for some of them. I finished the set set with showing of my headstand and crow poses for the family. Hannah said she wants to learn the crow. What she needs to do is work on the core for her swimming.

Later in the day I went down to the gym here at Grindtorp to check it out since they rebuilt it and I am paying for it each month. I was surprised how nice it is and it will definitely work instead of going out to get a gympass at a professional gym. I did 40 minutes focused on upper body. I hope to do a fair bit of strength training this winter to come better prepare for the spring season and it should also improve my swimming.


So call it a rest day or almost. I did not do any real training today but did my core set once and added some new exercises at the end so in my mind i qualify to be included here.

4 entries for the first week is not bad but less than I wanted but life happens to all of us and we keep on keeping on and I move on to week 2. Most of all I got it out on Sunday as planned.


Brewster Whitecaps 2018

So while we were in Brewster (Cape Cod) I took the chance to go and see the local Cape Code League team the Brewster Whitecaps. It was a cool experience to see a game in this classic summer league which has been around since the 1880’s as one of the premier amateur leagues in the US and is officially sanctioned by the NCAA since 1963 and used wood bats one of the first amateur leagues since 1985.

Warm up

Admission was free but a $3 donation was recommended and I gave man at the table $5 and went to find a seat. I found myself seated on the first base side just behind the away teams play-by-play broadcasters which gave me some extra information on the team and how they were doing this season since they were streaming the game live online.

Orleans Firebirds play by play announcers

These guys were also college students with this as their summer jobs.

One thing that surprised me with the game apart from enjoying the baseball was how many other people that showed for the game. I guess that it was close to the end of the season and both teams had a chance to make the playoffs could have contributed to the rather large crowd. I would estimate that there was around 1000 people at this game.

Here is the scorecard for this game if you want to get the stats of all the fun.

I took some pictures but they did not turn out great with fencing right in front of me but here are 2 more.

They are up

We got some pictures at at a gallery in Provincetown on Cape Cod on our vacation there and we finally got them up in the space that we intended to put them. We had nothing over our couch for over 3 years but that is now fixed. The bigger picture with the boat is ours and the smaller once are Hannah and Norah’s.

The artist is Julie Tremblay and you can see more of her work wonderful work with pictures from Cape Cod on If you are in the area you can visit the gallery at 277 Commercial St. in Provincetown

Large picture

Upper small picture

Lower small picture

San Diego 2018

This is some images form our time in San Diego after the Mexican cruise. I’m trying out a new plugin for WordPress to create a slider to show the pictures from these days. 

We went to La Jolla one day with all the kids and Mary Anne and Anne and Aaron to see some sights and spend some time together when Beth and lewis needed to to other things. We went to see the sea lions at La Jolla Cove that have taken over the cove. While there I noticed that the waves were picking up and some of the visitors got caught in the wrong place.

We also visited Mt Soledad to get some good views of San Diego County and we had a pretty good day with good visibility.  

  • San Diego 2018 - People caught in the wrong place

Another day we went to Point Loma and visited the Cabrillo National Monument and Tide Pools. Once again we had good visibility and were lucky to see many ships come in and go out of San Diego Harbour along with many aircrafts. The tide Pools was mostly big waves this day, We finished the day by meeting up with Jim at University of San Diego to visit the gift shop and the baseball field.

The hero returns


Glädjeruset 2018

This is our local race here in Täby that we have done before (2016 I think) and we had talked about this one all year and Hannah wanted to do this one and initially she was going for the 5 K but we found out that they had a 2,5 K option for Juniors. We went and signed us all up, the girls for the 2,5 and myself for the 5K. Sarah we paid a 100 SEK extra for since the race is a charity event and we wanted to give some because she was going to do the 2,5 with the girls.

So the gun for the 2,5 K went off and all of us set of down the road and we split up and Norah went with me and Sarah stayed with Hannah. Norah was set on running as much as possible and I had to force her to walk from time to time so she would not hit the wall. She did good to the turn around and was going strong as we met Hannah and Sarah. Once we got closer I told her I would go ahead and take some pictures of her crossing the goal line and I had to put in some effort to lose her and get there ahead of her. She was tired but got in to the goal in great shape,

A few minutes Sarah and Hannah came in as well after have walked a little bit more of the course than me and Norah.

I ran the 5K and felt good once the road opened up and I could run at my own pace and came in along with my goal for the day.  See my result here

The hardware was not bad for such a small race and was real hit with the girls.

I think that is it for this post.

Thanks for reading.


WordPress is here

For a long time I have considered switching the site to WordPress from Joomla that was installed here before and now a few days ago I pulled the trigger and downloaded a installation file and cleared my hosting account and installed WordPress. The installation was very easy and with just a few YouTube searches I´m up and running. Now the next step is to put a personal touch to the site and design it and start adding content to it. That has always been the though part for me, what to put up there for the visitors from the world wide interwebs. But that can change I hope.

I guess I will try again t journal about our family adventures and my training and some other topics that there are loose and vague ideas about.

It will also serve as a learning platform for me to dive in to WordPress and how to use it for creating websites. I tried to learn Joomla but that was a platform that I think is very powerful but you really need to spend some time learning it because it was not all that straightforward in the design phase, at least not to me. I think Joomla is more for true developers if you look at it from a admin side of thing. I hope WordPress will be more intuitive and it will be easier to build the different pages that are planned.