This is our local race here in Täby that we have done before (2016 I think) and we had talked about this one all year and Hannah wanted to do this one and initially she was going for the 5 K but we found out that they had a 2,5 K option for Juniors. We went and signed us all up, the girls for the 2,5 and myself for the 5K. Sarah we paid a 100 SEK extra for since the race is a charity event and we wanted to give some because she was going to do the 2,5 with the girls.

So the gun for the 2,5 K went off and all of us set of down the road and we split up and Norah went with me and Sarah stayed with Hannah. Norah was set on running as much as possible and I had to force her to walk from time to time so she would not hit the wall. She did good to the turn around and was going strong as we met Hannah and Sarah. Once we got closer I told her I would go ahead and take some pictures of her crossing the goal line and I had to put in some effort to lose her and get there ahead of her. She was tired but got in to the goal in great shape,

A few minutes Sarah and Hannah came in as well after have walked a little bit more of the course than me and Norah.

I ran the 5K and felt good once the road opened up and I could run at my own pace and came in along with my goal for the day.  See my result here

The hardware was not bad for such a small race and was real hit with the girls.

I think that is it for this post.

Thanks for reading.

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