So while we were in Brewster (Cape Cod) I took the chance to go and see the local Cape Code League team the Brewster Whitecaps. It was a cool experience to see a game in this classic summer league which has been around since the 1880’s as one of the premier amateur leagues in the US and is officially sanctioned by the NCAA since 1963 and used wood bats one of the first amateur leagues since 1985.

Warm up

Admission was free but a $3 donation was recommended and I gave man at the table $5 and went to find a seat. I found myself seated on the first base side just behind the away teams play-by-play broadcasters which gave me some extra information on the team and how they were doing this season since they were streaming the game live online.

Orleans Firebirds play by play announcers

These guys were also college students with this as their summer jobs.

One thing that surprised me with the game apart from enjoying the baseball was how many other people that showed for the game. I guess that it was close to the end of the season and both teams had a chance to make the playoffs could have contributed to the rather large crowd. I would estimate that there was around 1000 people at this game.

Here is the scorecard for this game if you want to get the stats of all the fun.

I took some pictures but they did not turn out great with fencing right in front of me but here are 2 more. blog, pictures, travel ,