In July/August we met up with our immediate family in a house that we had rented for all of us in the town of Brewster on Cape Cod. The house had 5 bedrooms and a great common areas and a big yard and was close to a ice cream shop and a less than a miles walk to a nice beach. Visiting Cape Cod is very nice and there is a fair amount of things to do for families. We spent most of the time on beaches and did a little sight seeing and looking for places to eat. One of my favourite days was on one of the ponds which was a completely different beach experience than beaches on the sea. Very calm and clear water that also was a little warmer. We rented a kayak that we took out on the pond. It was also possible to practice swimming which I did along the beach but Beth went straight a cross the pond which I estimate to be about 800 m. The beach close to our house had great tide shifts of the water so depending on when you got down there it could be out or in and if it was out you could walk up to a mile and not get deeper than half way up to the knees. I would not say eating was a problem but not many places took reservations for 10 people so some planning was needed. What was nice also was the access to good places to run and a few miles down the road you could access a rail trail that went far, further than I wanted to go. I did do a half marathon on morning. The house also came with passes to a nearby resorts sports club so we could access gym, pool and tennis courts.

I attended a baseball game in the Cape Cod Summer League with the local team in Brewster, I wrote about this here. blog, pictures, travel