This will be a attempt to journal about my training through out the year. They will be weekly posts here on the blog and the schedule is to get them out every Sunday. Now I realise this is really a big commitment BUT there is a plan around this. I will try to write after each training session during the week and then all I have to do at the end of the week is to get the last entry in there and publish on Sunday evening. Also most likely no one will care if I publish on Monday.


Today it was a run on the schedule (if there was a schedule) and I went out fairly early but not as early when I’m working. Still this was a vacation day and I guess that could be a day when there can be extra or longer training. The run was just over 6 km but that was in pretty strong winds as a storm was waining down. It was fast running with the wind in my back but not so fas heading in to the wind. This made it hard to have a specific purpose for this run. Below are the basic information for today.


Another run this morning and this morning I did a run-walk with 90 seconds running och 30 seconds walking in an effort to keep the heart rate under 135 and I came in with an average heart rate of 131 bpm which I’m happy with for the moment. I might continue this for the remainder of January in an effort to build my aerobic base for the upcoming race season. I base this on what I have read from Phil Maffetone both on his website and his books.


Strength was the focus for today the morning started with a routine on the yoga mat that focus on strengthening the core. i found this one from Triathlon Taren and can be found here. The instruction is to start doing this for 10 seconds per exercise and work you way up. I’m up to 15 seconds now and 20 seconds for some of them. I finished the set set with showing of my headstand and crow poses for the family. Hannah said she wants to learn the crow. What she needs to do is work on the core for her swimming.

Later in the day I went down to the gym here at Grindtorp to check it out since they rebuilt it and I am paying for it each month. I was surprised how nice it is and it will definitely work instead of going out to get a gympass at a professional gym. I did 40 minutes focused on upper body. I hope to do a fair bit of strength training this winter to come better prepare for the spring season and it should also improve my swimming.


So call it a rest day or almost. I did not do any real training today but did my core set once and added some new exercises at the end so in my mind i qualify to be included here.

4 entries for the first week is not bad but less than I wanted but life happens to all of us and we keep on keeping on and I move on to week 2. Most of all I got it out on Sunday as planned.

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