The National museum in Stockholm has been closed for some years for renovations and has opened up again and Sarah had found that they do a family program that is targeted at kids and focus on different art topics and you get a short tour in the museum and then it is followed up in a workshop where you are allowed to make your art pieces.

This time around the topic was art that mimic or portrait nature as realistic as possible. We saw some paintings that were very detailed and almost like images but sine they were from the 1600’s we know they are not, they are just amazing. We also some pieces made from clay and china.Back in the work shop we got to work with clay and the task was to make something realistic.

While the family was working hard I took 15 min to my self to quick check out a few rooms on my own and there are some nice pieces in there. I especially like the big Carl Larsson paintings that are on display in the main stairwell.

Here are some pictures from the day,

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