This morning I did a run-walk round in the morning (5:40 am) and I’m trying to stay in zone 2 but it is hard in the cold and with an exercise like running that tends to run the heart rate up easier that for instance cycling where it easier to control the heart rate (for me!).

This morning I did a 20 min yoga session from Gaia.com focused on strength.

Hannah has swimming on Fridays and i go and do a swim on my own while she is swimming with her group. This was the first swim of the year and it went well but I need to find a solution to goggles fogging up. I might have to try some different gogles for my upcoming swims. I ended up swimming 1100m in just under 32 min. As always i focus more on the time more that the distance since it is hard to get a accurate reading of the distance in the pool. The main take away from this swim was that I figured out how to the breath a bit more effective and I was working on using the big back muscles in the arm pul and I think in a few more swims that will come more natural. In the morning I dropped the car at the train statin and did a slow jog back home.

Today was a big swim, I went for 45 minutes and I’m not sure I’ve done a longer swim since I started. Also the slow lanes crowded up and I dared my self to go the last 11-12 minutes in the fast lane where the people who know how to swim hang out and I don’t think I made a fool out of my self, sure I was passed but there are always going to be faster people in that lane. the watch says 1900 m but I’m not sure about that.

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