Short but and cold run-walk this morning, my weather app on the iPhone said -10 C when I was heading out at 5:40. The run was just average.

A benefit of getting up early and going outside is that you get to see nature from a different point of view, this morning I was treated to a Lunar Eclipse which created a blood red moon. Here is my picture taken with a iPhone 7.

The Blood Moon

Read more about the Lunar Eclipse and the phenomena of the Blood Moon here

Yoga day today. Followed a 17 min session on GAIA.com which included a pretty good crow pose from me. Before the yoga I did a Vim Hoff breathing session.

Another week and another Friday swim session while Hannah is doing her training. I did 1400 meters, on the watch and no one knows what it is worth, and I felt good and the stronger stroke is settling in and getting more natural and easier to do. I did at least one section where I did 300 m without stopping to rest. This is something to build on for the rest of the season. But I would like to fix the fog problem. I must say that it is more fun to swim when the goggles do not fog up. Now it feels like I’m swimming in a cloud and for someone who have impaired sight already there is some surprises when there are other people in the lane.

Morning run on the schedule since I figured out a morning swim would not fit the family schedule on this day. I ran 10.44 km which was longer than in recent time. Time was not really important on this run since it is snowy and icy out there on the paths that I use so traction is not optimal but on the other hand not bad. But effort based running was the focus today. I did start out trying to keep the heart rate under 135 bpm and did ok while taking walk breaks of 30 seconds every 90 seconds. After 7 km I increased the effort to zone 4 which for me is around 170 bpm. I held that effort for 3 km and then went back down to zone 2 for the remainder of the run.

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