This morning was yoga session. I found this interesting session with Rodney Yee, who else, but is is over an hour so I did 30 minutes. I stopped after a mostly failed attempt of a Half-Moon pose.

I also did some Wim Hof breathing and cold shower.

Run day is fun day, right. There was a later drop off at school today because Hannah was home sick again and I took advantage of that and did a morning run that was a little longer than normal. Longer in time more than distance since I’m doing the MAF training in my runs right now. I was deliberate today with the heart rate to keep it under 135 bpm and definitely under 140 bpm . Was I successful in this? Not really but close enough. I came in with a 129 bpm average and a max heart rate of 147 bpm but that is hard to avoid if there are any hills on your rout and I have a few on the one I did today. I did a 90 seconds run and 30 seconds walk for this run of 5,6 km’s. It is hard to do these runs because it really challenging to go slow enough to keep the heart rate in the right zone. Below is a link to a video about this from Triahlon Taren. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAWYbzEarkw

Dress well for winter training in the morning, this run was 05:59 – 06:38ish

….breakdown begins….

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