Week nine is always winter break here where we live and all the schools are out this week. Lots of people go away for skiing in different locations. Early on we had plans to go to Rättvik for a few days for some winter sports but it turned out we could not get accommodations because of this was also the Vasaloppet week this year. I also needed to do some work on Monday and Tuesday. So we made other plans around here instead.

Wednesday we went to 2 museums and checked out some exhibitions and guided tours. First up was the Police museum which is a fairly small museum but they had a guided tour for the kids where they got to go see stuff without parents. They came back with fingerprints of their thumbs.

After the Police museum and some time outside in a small park we went in to the Swedish Sports museum (Riksidrottsmuseum) because it was open and free. I must say I was a little disappointed but there was some cool artefacts in there like this tennis racket from Björn Borg.

And these pants from Ingemar Stenmark

And a few other things. After the museums fika was had on the way home and I think all had a decent day.

Thursday was a day of running errands and catching up on a few things. First we went to pick up Hannahs bus pass at school and then got the train to Täby C, Dropped of some books at the library. Got pictures taken for new passports. Early lunch. I had an appointment to get a new prescription for glasses and then we went to a movie.

Another successful day off school.

Friday we met up with some friends at a play land and stayed for 3 hours and that tired everyone out especially me since my man-cold was full force by then.

Full speed ahead for 3 hours…

Saturday me and Norah went to see 2 authors that have written 4 books that Norah likes. They talked about the process of writing these book that have lots of images and how the images were made. Rather interesting actually.

and off course more fika but let’s not focus on that….
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