Man-cold is still hanging on and today was a light yoga session just to do something and hoping it would flush the cold out.
14 minutes.


Pretty much as yesterday. A new light yoga session of 17 minutes.


Finally feeling better after the cold. Last few days was mostly spend blowing my nose to get rid of massive amount of mucus. This morning I decided to go out for an easy run, the first in over a week. I tried a decent paced walk yesterday and the heart rate was rather elevated for the effort that a walk gives. The heart rate was better today by a lot. I did 90-30 run-walk and got just over 5 K.

I am hoping this cold is behind me and I can move forward and getting back into better shape again. The focus now is to get back to both running and swimming. Don’t really know how to get more swimming done with my current schedule but I would like to do more of it since information I have taken in indicates that swimming builds your aerobic engine and benefits your running.

Races I’m currently considering
May 1: Danderydsloppet (have not found the urls yet will update)
May 11: Kungsholmen Runt

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