Morning run today and that was a while ago since that happened with the cold last week. I’m trying to get back in to swing of things slowly since my sinuses were really locked and I can still feel it a little still.
So this was an easy 4.4 km run at 5:47am with the normal 90-30 run walk intervals. What I did do was to do a little sprint at the end just to feel how it would feel and it was just 3 minutes. But it was good.

Swim day. Three weeks since last swim and I could feel it. I was out of breath a lot even if it got a little better in the end. I think my form is getting better because i’m slowly getting faster (I think). I think I figured out that the Garmin clock calculates the pace based on your moving time, i.e. it disregards the time I’m taking a breather at either end of the pool. I was wondering how it could figure out I was swimming faster even when I was going shorter for the same amount of time. The next for swiming is to start building stamina and not stop for breathers so often, like try to go for 100 m, 200 m between breaks. I’m still in the 2:20-2:25 min/100m.

First looongish run after the “comeback” and this also went well. I started out with 90-30 intervals for 60 minutes and after that I picked it up into HR zone 5 for 20 minutes. That was not easy but I got through it without and major problems. The idea is that no or as little time as possible should be spent in zone 3 and most time in zone 2 and then some intense time in high 4 or zone 5. I can do better with the zone 2 definitely.

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