Still little sore from Saturdays long run so I started the week with a yoga session (14 min) to stretch out the muscles and work on focus which was needed for this week both in training and at work.

Back to the morning run and it is nice start of the day. You get so much energy and feel empowered for the day. I had to drop the car off at the train station because I needed in the afternoon to pick up the girls at school. I made the route 4 km but made it slow to keep the heart rate under control and it was ok I guess, could be better but we keep working at it.

Another morning run after dropping the car of at the train station again. Same route as yesterday but it was a little better in terms of pace and heart rate. But the big work out for the day was the afternoon swim. It was one of my better swims in a while and I did push myself a little more than last week and did not rest as much in between lengths. Which showed in total time of 41:14 min with a moving time of 40:13 min. It felt like I was resting more but you have to trust the technology, right?

First run with contacts and it went ok even f the contact are the not prescription yet. They are just trial versions and we are still trying out them. I did 40 min over 6 km. When i got home me and Norah went out for 1,6 km since she wanted to try running again. She needs to work on her stamina still.

No images this week but a short video

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