So for reasons that can be expected in an endeavor like this I missed a few weeks of documenting my training, I think week 12 was the last entry so here we go with this week and I might get into some of the workout in those in between weeks. Most of all I’m not going to feel guilty it.

Swimday – Hannah’s training session was cancelled due to Easter so we went to the pool on Sunday instead. I know this extends the week but again no worries from me. Anyhoo, this was a decent swim of 1450 m but I had to keep track of Hannah who came with me to the pool. It feels like I’m definitely getting better, not good, but faster and the times are showing this. I pick something and try to work on it for a some lengths and then move on to something else. What I comes back to the most is the breathing. However I have decided that it is time to start doing more specialized exercises to train some this I need to improve.

We did take some video of both of us swimming and I’ll try to get it up here in a later post.

Runday – I like these workouts where I go with run-walk in HR-zone 2 for the first part of the run and then move in to one 4 or 5 for the last part. This keeps me out there for longer and give me the chance to runs in zone 4/5 after being out there for 60-70 minutes.

In this run I moved to zone 4 after 65 minutes and did the last 30 min there. Most importantly I felt good afterwards, tired but not beaten.

Morning run – this morning I broke the pattern and did a faster run with no walk breaks, except for tying the shoes. It was good to let the breaks go and just go with the flow.

Another morning run and today it was back to the run-walk and that was good also. I think these runs really help building the aerobic engine. I feel stronger than than before. See next run.


Decided to go walk-run all the way on this run and I felt strong all the way and it was easy to keep the HR under 140 bpm. blog, training