I’m a little behind in getting this up here so I’m not going to date this but I know it was during passover because we brought Macaroons as a snack. We had an afternoon when we needed to get out of the house and do something and Sarah suggested to go and check out the Royal Stables and I must say even though there is limited amount of things to see it was interesting to see especially the actual horses in the stable that was open. All horses have to be the same height, colour and gender , they off course also have to have very stable minds and not easily be rattled. Except horses they have a bunch of carriages and the stuff that the horses wear to pull the the carriages. I also thing there is a number of official car but that part was closed on this day so we missed that.

After we were done with the horses we wondered over to Kungsträdgården and there was some festival going on (unclear to us whet it was about) and lots of peoplt out to take pictures of the cherry blossoms and we did join these people and shot a few photos before heading home tired and hungry.

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