So there was another break in posting about training but I’m glad that training did not take a break except for a few days when I had a cold. I could still keep working but stayed away from running and swimming and stayed away from some extra days. I’m back training but it has been slow and I think it also was some allergy causing issues for awhile. I’m now taking some allergy pills each morning and that has helped a good bit.
So here we go again and we hope that some consistency wil return to this endeavour.

I had gone for a 7km run yesterday and even though I was feeling good and had a good HRV reading (9 sympathetic) in the morning so after my Meditation I did 16 min of Yoga with Gaia and a session called Total Body Activation led by Rodney Yee. It has some intermediate poses that I have not done very much. Yoga is good for me because it works on flexibility, balance and body awareness needed when you are getting up here in age.

No HRV reading which was due to I wanted to get my morning run done and what is nice is that now that we are in the later part of spring it is easier to do a few extra km’s in the morning. This morning was a good run over almost 7 km on an old route I used a few years back
Distance: 6,81 km
Time: 34:22
Average HR: 150 bpm

Back on the trails again for the first time this spring and based on the condition of the trails at Altorp I could have gone over there a lot sooner, it was very dry conditions but very nice for running. It vas also the first true shorts run this year. I have done some with tights but as always just shorts is the best.I felt good even though the HRV reading showed a yellow reading of 5 so I did 13,65 km in 1:15 which is good for me at this point.

The place where the girls do their dancing also have a gym and you are free to use it if you have 2 kids signed up for classes, which we do, and I take advantage of this from time to tome while they are in their clases on Sundays instead of going around the mall and doing nothing good.
I usually use the treadmill but it was taken this day so I went for my second option, the rowing machine and spent 30 minutes on it. After that I did some strength on the machines with focus on upper body. I also do some work on trying to get to a handstand.

Distance 0 meters

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