Monday morning and new shoes and I need the car by the train this afternoon so it was time to drive to the parking lot early and drop it off and go for a short run back home as I have done before. Yesterday I got some new shoes, Salming Miles Lite, that I was ready to try out. But first I had to throw out some old shoes.

Out with the old and run with the new

The distance on the route I took was 2,25 km and had to do because I also had to make it back home in time for morning celebrations for Hannah who turns 10 this day.
How about the shoes then? First impressions are good and I think I will enjoy these shoes over many miles in the coming months.

Time for morning yoga today. I chose to do a session on Gaia with Rodney Yee called standing poses. I like this one because it takes you through some moderately hard and challenging poses and are good for balance and build strength and flexibility.

Another morning run and I’m liking these new Salming shoes and think they will serve me well.Next will a longer run to see how they work out after an hour or so. But this morning there was no time for a long run just the normal morning route.
4,68 km at 5:55 pace with 90/30 intervals of run-walk. Average heart rate can in at 130 and I got to be happy with that.

Unfortunately I ran in to a bit of a cold after our trip to Gröna Lund and I tried to be smart and backed off training for a few days. Now it was time to go out again but the schedule prevented any real long effort this sundat as I managed to find an hour at 4 pm. With being affected of something te last few days I felt sluggish all the way but still came in at a decent pace but the heart rate was way to high.
7:58 km at 4:52 pace with continuous running. Average heart rate was 158 on this somewhat hilly route.

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