We have the Gröna Kortet which is the yearly entry card to gröna Lund and you can get in to the park on any day and if there is a concert you can stay and see that as well. Today we went in to see the taping of the TV show Sommarkrysset and be in the audience.

We went early to get some rides and dinner done before lining up to get seats but we could have done less waiting around because it was not that hard to get seats and they kept moving people towards the middle and up because they want it to look like every seat is taken.

It is always interesting to see how they manage the project of taping a show or as in this case do a live show.They actually rehearsed the full show before opening the area to the public so you could se the different acts as they prepared for the evening.

Evening, yes. That was the only bad part for us who don’t have kids that stay up late on a regular basis. The show starts at 8 pm and runs for 1½ so we were not home until very late. Luckily there were no plans for Sunday.

Selfie from Gröna Lund
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