So this weeks report is coming out late for various reason bu mainly have bee rather busy and writing here has less priority than other thing in my life. I’m however glad to report that there was some training this week and it was as follows.

Morning yoga – 16 min

Morning run – 4,99 km (thanks to whoever invented GPS) in 27:15 min, Avg pace 5,28 min/km

Mid day run since it was National Day and a hot one, 28-29 C. I had to pace my self at the end and cut it a bit shorter.
9,78 km in 54:28 min, avg pace 5:34 min/km

Let call this morning run a Fartlek where I played around with the pace during the run. I started out with my normal 90-30 run-walk intervals and tried some faster pace in the middle and ended up actually do what I read that you should do a cool down section of the run.
15,44 km in 1:28 hour, av pace 5:43 min/km.

What i’m glad to see is that I’m at the same comfortable pace (almost) depending of the distance. Most importantly I think I’m fairly wee fat adapted and burn fat rather than carbohydrates for energy based on I don’t feel hungry after these workouts.

We went to our local outdoor pool for the first time this season and I snuck in a quick refresher swim just to touch up on my barely existing skills in this area. even if I feel I’m slowly getting better but it feels like it something that at my stage you have to be consistent with.

525 m, avg pace 2:16 min/100m

So that was a big week for me even if I’m not feeling like I’m in great shape or anything it is nice to be able to go out and get somethings done and be active. blog, training