So last wee was a big week so I felt like it was time to dial it back a little after that and also since I’m off work weeks 25 and 26 and plan to do a fair amount of training then. I have however cancelled plans for a trail race on the 18th of June in favor of other activities.
Also this week the weather was less favorable compared to last week but that is how it goes with weather here in Sweden in the summer.

Morning run 4,44 km in 21:07 avg pace 4:45 min/km
Felt good after 2-3 days of rest and in 13 C temperature it is not hard to push it a little extra.

Mid morning run 4,48 km in 28:03 min avg pace 5:48 min/km. I tried to keep the HR under 135 but came in a little over that unfortunately but when you have to keep up with the company….what can you do?

So this was a easier week and hopefully it will help me push it next week. blog, training