When you have the green card from Gröna Lund you get entrance to all their concerts included in the card. There were a few acts that I was interested in right away when I saw this years line up and Weezer was definately one of them. For awhile in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I listened a fair bit to them and I still do on occasion. I like their short happy songs and the sound that varies for softer and heavier.

We got there around 6:30 pm for the 8 pm concert start and there was still easy to get decent spots. We ended up in the 3rd-ish row. I don’t really know how many were in attendence but I think it was a fair crowd. Being that far up we had a great view through out the concert.

I knew most song that was included this evening, not that I could join in with the singing on all of them but some of them I knew good enough still.

Today’s setlist:

I’m definately happy I went to see the band because they put on a good show and it’s fun to have seen them after all these years listening. I don’t know that they have been to Sweden that many times before but I’d be interested if they come back again.

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