Winter break here in Sweden is on week 44 every year and this year I took the kids on the train to Rättvik instead of jumping in the car and drive for 4 hours. There is not much time saving going on but I don’t have to sit behind the wheel and focus for most of that time, rather I could read my book or just get to sit and look out the window and see the landscape pass by. THe round trip ticket for 3 people (2 kids) is also less than what the cost of the needed diesel would be, also the car is at home to be used by who was left behind. Had I also thought of it sooner we would have been able to buy some fika or candy but we will get there on the way home.
There is also free wifi provided in the ticket prize so we did not have to use our own data when getting sucked in to the screens.

What are we doing in Rättvik? We don’t have a car so we have to walk to where we want to go but then everything is within 10-15 minutes walking. We walked to the library yesterday to check out some lagre painting that did not really do it for me. We are just hanging out with the grandparents. There is bowling happening later today and that will be followed by a family dinner.

We have been having great weather even though som might not like or be used to the colder temperatures that have arrived especially up here. I got out for a run this morning and decided to run up to the Toppstuga at the top of the local ski hill because it is a challange to get up there without walking but if you do make it up there it has a pretty good view. After a quick break at the top I made my way to 800ish meter long pier that is built into lake Siljan.

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