As I’m in Rättvik on a short get away with the kids I went out for a run and decided to make my way up to Toppstugan at the local ski hill and it is a challenge to get up there without falling in to a walk but I did make it all the way up. Based on the chart in the Garmin app is it almost 200 height meeters in under 2 km. When you make it up you are given a pretty good view especially on a day like this. Then you have it easier on the way back down but you got to watch you footing so you don’t wipe out. Then went to the end of the pier and then back home.

Here are the stats

and here are some pictures from the run.

Another morning run in the bag. This one was just an easy one around here, Täby. I tried to go under a certain effort level and if I look at the average heart ragte it was ok but if I look at the different hear rate zones that Garmin gives me I spent to much time in zone 3. I’m ok with this result though because I did not take any walk breaks. Maybe that elevation increase at the end also pushed me over the 129bpm threashold.

Another Saturday run but tis time a midday run which is kind of unusual for me but with this weekend sort of free from other engagements I could get out later in the day, Unfortunately the battery in my Heart rate strap was dead so no such data during or from this run to analyse, but I assume it was mostly zone-3. I tried some new roads or combination of roads. Wheater was good for running no wind 5 C and overcast, grey grey grey.

Today was a swimday and I have to go on my own now since there is no open lanes while Hannah has her swim group on Sundays.They open the pool at 8 am on Sundays but I have yet to make it there at that time but I have a feeling that it is better to get there around 9 am when the first group is getting out. I got a lane to myself so I can’t complain. I did start with 200m working on kicking with the fins doing different drills. Then I did my main set, 1150 m where I finished by doing 500m without stoping at either end of the pool. I feel that I might be getting better but it is hard to evaluate. I should get Hannah to shoot a move of my form.

Final note, decent week for the off season. 3 easy runs, except up the ski hill but no session in the gym.

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