Morning run in Näsby Park on one of my usal routes. I managed to keep the average heart rate under 128 bpm which is lalways the goal whewn i’m doing this type of runs. It is usually hard to keep it in the correct HR range. Tis morning I spent to much time in zone 3 instead of zone 2.

Strated this morning with 15 min of youga and flexibility which has not happened in to long time. Always nice to start with these movements

The plan was to go for a longish run, up towards 60 min, this morning but I was weak and opted to stay out of the rain and go to our local gym here. to do a treadmill run. Norah wanted to join me and she came along to do a run herself on the second treadmill.


Finally did som e drills in the pool before my swim today. I did some drills wearing the fins before a short swim of 600 m.

Did also go to the gym at Sway dance studio while the girls were in their respective classes.

Heart rate zones for Tuesday November 5th
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