Down time this week but no problem at this time of the year, it is time to slow down a little and rest the body for a little while. I can’t really call it off season since I didn’t do any races this year which I guess some would say is required for a off season. Either way it is down time until around christmas.
This week was 2 easy runs Monday and Wednesday with a morning yoga session on Tuesday. I finished the week today with 45 minute gym session. Lately I have finished my gym sessions with working on my handstand. Reasin is if I can learn a headstand I can learn to do the handstand. As always, we’ll see about that. I is a little bit harder to do and I’m also not working on it consistently enough. Today I got a video of it to see what I need to work on. (I tried to upload but it did not work, Looks like you have to share it as a link. ANd then the embed did not work, for now there is a link anyway and I don’t want to spend more time on it right now). blog, training