I kind of fell of this blog at the end of the year but no reason to get down on your self, just get back up and start over and what better week than week 1 of the new year and the new decade. Training has been ongoing though even if I cut back in November and December to rest the body and focus on lower intensity to build aerobic strength. Now we are in the new year but focus is the same for another month.
Here are som information from the new years first week.


Swim day and it really showed that I have taken a break from swimming, Last swim was on November 10th….yikes. I decided to not care about distance but rather to try find my back to my form, which sucks anyway and I got a little better at the end of the ½-hour. After that I put on some fins and worked with them for a couple of lengths. I really will have to work to a) get back to where I was in October/November and b) get a lot better. Loose goal is to be able to do 2000 m at 2:00 min/100m.

Task: Start reading the Triathlon Taren swimming book and schedule 2 swims a week for January and February. 


Run day today. I don’t want to but this was a long rung for me at this time of the year. 


Focus was to stay in zone 2 as much as possible and I did 75% today which is a best for me.It is slow but you just have to åut that to the side and go with it and trust the process.


Close call today on the 30-day challenge for exercising since I skipped this mornings planned swim and I struggled during the day to reschedule a workout session. I finally I went to our gym for a 40 min session.

Strength is getting better but can get better.


Yoga morning with GAIA, Rodney Yee Morning routine

It has been too long since I did yoga and I need to be more consistent to improve flexibility and core strength.



Heart rate was way too high to be beneficial for zone 2 training. Need to be more disciplined with the level 2 runs.

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