Today was 25 min yoga in the morning and 30 min walk in the afternnon so bit of a rest day. I’m in the middle of a 30 day workout challenge so some days have to be easier to make through with out breaking down.


More morning running, had I not had the 30-day challenge and it been any other day than Saturday I might have skipped this one. Keept it at a low intensity for the 50 min. I might have to change the battery in my HR strap soon because the HR was going crazy for the first 15 min. It might also be the cooler weather though.

HRV was a PS-3 today so gotta improve that.



Yoga day to dial the intensity back it a little at the end of the back-to-work week. Also dialed it back because the HRV was 5 so had to watch that. 

Didn’t find time yesterday to post this.


More running and I’m still being disciplined with the MAF HR levels.I still run until I’m about to hit the upper limit of Level-2. I can’t say I’m getting faster because the sample size is to small as of now but this mornings 4,5 km was 25 sek/km faster than the last 6,9 km run a few days ago.Average HR was 122 today with a max of 140.



Double exercise day today. Started the day of with some easy yoga for flexibility after the morning meditation.I do need more yoga, at least 3 times a week.

In the afternoon I did a nice 1400m swim. Always hard to know if the distance is correct since I don’t know how the Garmin measure it but it seams kinda random. Some days feels short and some days feels long. Anyway today was a better swim and I felt a lot better. I think I should go with a little faster cadence which seemed to give me a better flow and better form. The swim came in at 2:19min/100m which is ok for me at this point but I hope to improve on that if I can swim 2 times a week consistently. 



I was supposed to do yoga this morning but I slept some extra and ended up not having the time during the morning. Luckily there was a backup plan that I grabbed. I went to the local gym here in our condo and did a strength session for 40 minutes. Noth much to write home about other than I want to research som exercises with kettle bells.


Runday and another successful Zone-2 run. 6.86 km in 50:21 min with an average heart rate of 123 bpm. I really hope that this strict adherence to the HR zones work because it is so slow, but that is what everybody says that start doing this..Did not to a specific run-walk interval but rather went to walking when the HR was about to hit the top range of my HR Zone 2 and I think that is going to be my strategy for these runs in the future.


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