One thing that I think most runners struggle with is to store your essentials on the run. So for me too. I have tried various solutions and some have worked fine, for a while, before deteriorating in to something not so good be it too loose and bumpy or interfering with the touch screen on the phone and limited space. It is time to try some thin new and highly recommended on various social media.

So I got the Flipbelt ordered and sent home and picked it up this morning. New times when you can pick up your packages at 6:00 am while on your run. I guess it only works for small packages like this and if they are delivered to the Instabox pickup station.

Here is a short unboxing section and I’ll review it more in depth after the first couple of uses.

Here is the box, nothing exiting I guess.

Inside the box is just the belt and in my case an add for a protein powder with cinnamon bun taste, will give that one a pass I think.

Here is the belt coming out of the box

Finally here is the first try. The design is a totally round belt that you step into. The pockets are opening in the tube and there is a clasp for your keys. To improve securing your stuffed items you can flip the belt, hence the name I guess, inside out and get the opening against your body and this way it should be hard to loose things.

There you go, its all there is. blog , ,