So despite the situation with the pandemic here in Sweden we have taken a chance and opted to travel for fall break this year. We have booked 5 days at Gotland at a hotel just outside of the main town of Visby. The hotel, First Kokoloko, is ok and the location seem to be fairly good, 5-6 minute drive after we got off the ferry and from here it is a 4 min drive in to the inner city and we might be able to walk it in 15-20 min. Yesterday after we got here we parked the car just inside the south gate of the wall that is build around the inner city. We walked around for about 30-40 min aiming to get to the central square where it was supposed to be some restaurants. We did find a good Italian pizza place, Mille Lire. We enjoyed the pizzas we ordered and Sarah even has some with her here in the hotel room still.

Today, Tuesday, we drive south and went looking for the Hoburgsgubben at the very south tip of the island but we think we we never saw it but we had a good time either way and saw some great scenery. The land scape is rather dramatic and beautiful even on a gray day like today. Here are some pictures from the south tip.

We were going to have lunch at this location but the restaurant was closed for the season and the hunt for something open with food and drinks. Eventually we were successful and we got us some soup and pancakes. We were not done for the day with that and went searching for more rock formations and the map had suggested a location just out side Ljugarn on the east side of the island. We found the location and got to se more spectacular scenery. Just a few minutes walk form the parking lot we found what we were looking for. These rock formations are called Rauk.

Now we just needed to make it back to Visby and a quick fika stop outside the town Roma. Dinner today we made in our hotel room where we have a small kitchen. New adventures tomorrow weather depending….

Thanks for reading.

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