So I completed the experiment of one testing how and if I could improve my breathing based on the book Breath: The new science of a lost Art by James Nestor. The experiment that i did was that for 3 weeks I ran the same 5.2 km route every morning and measured a bunch of data like time, pace, min HR and max HR during the run an I also recorded HRV and my weight each day. I guess it is hard to say definitely that maximizing my nasal breathing during the day and specifically during the runs gave the results that I saw. All I know is that I newer pushed my pace past where I could comfortably breath through my nose if I needed I slowed down instead. The results was that i cut my running time on this route from 34:43 on the first day to 29:12 22 days and 18 runs later. I did feel like I was breathing less forced doing the 29:12 time that that first day. What i also found out that I could breathe easier and push my HR rate higher. I don’t know if that is good or not but I guess my HR would be fair bit lower if I ran the 5.2 km at 34:43 than what i recorded on that day.

So moving on. I will be happy to run a different route and get some variation. I got to know that rote pretty well and would notice if a lost bike had be moved a block etc. With the pandemic I’m staying as much as possible with running because gyms and and pools, even if they still are open, probably should be avoided for the time being. Even with moving on I do have the advantage of being able to go back to this route and check where I am in terms of pace and HR.

I will be doing all my running over the winter with focus on breathing through my nose and improve that and do different types of runs. Hopefully we can go and do races this spring and summer, that is something that I am looking forward to. I also hope that I will feel safe to go to the pool and get back to swimming again and start improving in that area as well.

See you further on down the road. blog, training