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They are up

We got some pictures at at a galley in Provincetown on Cape Cod on our vacation there and we finally got them up in the space that we intended to put them. We had nothing over our couch for over 3 years but that is now fixed. The bigger picture with the boat is ours and the smaller once are Hannah and Norah’s.

The artist is Julie Tremblay and you can see more of her work wonderful work with pictures from Cape Cod on If you are in the area you can visit the gallery at 277 Commercial St. in Provincetown

Large picture

Upper small picture

Lower small picture

WordPress is here

For a long time I have considered switching the site to WordPress from Joomla that was installed here before and now a few days ago I pulled the trigger and downloaded a installation file and cleared my hosting account and installed WordPress. The installation was very easy and with just a few YouTube searches I´m up and running. Now the next step is to put a personal touch to the site and design it and start adding content to it. That has always been the though part for me, what to put up there for the visitors from the world wide interwebs. But that can change I hope.

I guess I will try again t journal about our family adventures and my training and some other topics that there are loose and vague ideas about.

It will also serve as a learning platform for me to dive in to WordPress and how to use it for creating websites. I tried to learn Joomla but that was a platform that I think is very powerful but you really need to spend some time learning it because it was not all that straightforward in the design phase, at least not to me. I think Joomla is more for true developers if you look at it from a admin side of thing. I hope WordPress will be more intuitive and it will be easier to build the different pages that are planned.