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So here I am at the end of this process and it has been 22 days since I started and you can see the results in the table below. I have missed 4 days of running for different reasons. I must say though that it was a grind in the last 4-5 days and I’m ok with taking a break from running for 1 or 2 days now.
On the nasal breathing front I feel that I have improved a great deal but it is not natural yet and I have to remind myself sometimes to go back to it especially when I’m in front of the computer and working. Sleeping and breathing through the nose is working ok but I keep loosing the tape. Maybe I need stronger tape.
I’m surprised that I could go 29:12 with out feeling that my breathing was forced today and I think it is quite a bit of time that has been chopped of on these 5,2 km’s in just 18 runs (22 days). This is also true it I look and compare runs based om average and max HR there are significant improvements.

So let’s call this one a success, close the chapter and go on with more nasal breathing.

Finally, thanks to James for an interesting an enlightening book.


So there have been a few days since I updated this page with information about this process. There are several reasons for this and one is that if you miss a day then it is easy to miss another and another and there you go.
However I have kept the running up, well except for 2 days.

One day my HRV reading was 3 and I decided to to scrap the run that day and do active resting instead and I think that was a good decision.

The other day I just for whatever reason not fit it in on that days morning schedule and neither the lunch or post dinner run materialized later in the day. Well nobody, and certainly not me, is perfect so I move on and get back on my feet the next day.

I definitely think that all the nasal breathing is helping. I also think I’m doing more of it without having to think about it.

As can be expected there seems to be a little bit of a plateau in the alast few days. It will be interesting to see is we can move past that and improve the time with the same effort again. 15 days in with 13 runs so I might try to go 23/21 and see where I end up. But after that I need new streets under these feet….


This mornings HRV reading combined with a slight headache forced me to cancel the run this morning. I think the end of the week affected more than I thought and I’m glad I followed the HRV reading and opted for active rest instead. I had other things to do today that were more important than a morning run and an an experiment. Weather has turned as well and the temperature is hovering just over 0 C and yesterday (and today) it was also raining. I hope that has passed for tomorrows morning run.
We will see how it goes getting up bright and early.

Pay attention to your HRV readings.


Another near miss this morning and it has to do with the little white chair most of us have at home…..anyhoo, I got ready very late but decided to do the morning run either way and it turned out that I could push the pace a little and still keep the breathing nice and easy from start to finish. I thought that my pace was going to get me in to some issues and force me to back off in the later stage of the run.

As you can see below is that I managed to run a minute faster than yesterday at a very similar effort as in yesterdays run, 2 beats higher. I felt as good or better trough out the run.

One way to read the numbers is that my breathing efficiency has improved 7,5 % over this week. But going that far is probably not a correct assessment of this but some improvement is likely. I carry on for 2 more weeks.

I’ll say this though that going through this experiment and running every day keeps me exercising and not needing to go to the pool or the gym now that they are tightening the restrictions related to COVID-19 again and it is better to go for morning runs that go to the pool or the gym for the time being. On the weekend I’ll try to do a longer rung but do this rout first and measuring the data and then restart the Garmin and continue for a second “lap” to make it a longer run.


Almost missed the run this morning since I did not put the feet on the floor right when the alarm went off and that is always a risk. I missed 10 min but I managed to get out almost on time and my data for today was almost identical to yesterday. I felt really comfortable at this pace and could have put more of an effort and still could have stayed with nasal breathing.

The nights are getting better I think and hopefully I’m improving my breathing efficiency each day.
Tomorrow is the 7th day in a row and then I move on to week 2.


The experiment continues and I still feel motivated to go out in the morning and do the run and other activities to get the data. Breathing through the nose is getting easier each day as described in the book but I’m not perfect during the day. The nights are better and the tape is sticking trough out the night. Last night I prepared a second strip by my bed if I needed to apply a new one during the night.

To day the run was better but not as good as yesterday. They were good in different ways, the pace yesterday was good but HR was more elevated than I would like and there was periods yesterday was little bit too forced. This morning I did not feel forced in my breathing at all and I was able to keep a better pace. Conclusion from this too come.

I’ll skip the individual screenshots for the last 2 days.


Day three of this little experiment involved getting up at 5:21 in the morning on a Saturday, call me crazy but that is on you I feel great when I get up early and get my meditation and exercise done early. Then you fell ready to take the day on with the right energy and stamina. Just remember that the previous evening is the start of the process. I did my round on my assigned route for this experiment in Näsby Park. I felt good and that I could push it a little more tat previous days and still keep the nasal breathing comfortable. The heart rate was comparable to day 1 and without knowing for sure off course it could be related to the lower HRV reading.

If you want to know more about HRV training watch this video (also embedded below). It’s a little complicated to understand how it works in reality, the theory is simpler to understand.
Either way that is three days in the bag and 18 days to go in this small experiment. See the data below.

Table after 3 days

These iPhone screenshots are going to get old fast I guess 🙂 but I feel they add some value to the article.


So the idea here with this is to document an experiment I’m going through right now The One referenced would of course be myself. So what is this? I’m reading a book right now called Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor where he discusses the benefits of adapting nasal breathing as much of the time as possible. If you this there are several benefit of this and some of them are improved sleep quality improved HRV reading and with the improved oxygen uptake should have an positive impact on your exercise performance if you manage to move as much as possible of you breathing from mouth breathing to breathing through the nose.

I have started to think about this for the last week or so during the days including follow the recommendation to make sure you breath through the nose during sleep time and doing this by the practice of mouth taping to force the mouth shut during sleep. I’ve been doing this for about a week and now the tape stays on the full night where it was coming of during the night in the beginning.

I’m also doing my runs with only nasal breathing and keep the pace at a level where I can keep doing the nasal breathing. So the experiment on one is to do a 5,2 km run each morning for 3 weeks and see if my pace can improve and if I can lower the hearth rate at the same time.

I have done 2 such runs so far and here is a table that I will add too during these weeks.

Here are some data from 2020-11-13

Here are some data from 2020-11-12

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